About Us

Company’s Mission

• Produce high quality products with competitive prices

•  Produce an innovative, useful products to the end user and contribute to the environment using green technology

Company’s Vision

Leading manufacturer of plastic injection moulding in Malaysia as well as South East Asia

As professional manufacturer, we always concentrate on maintaining high quality products with competitive prices. To ensure that excellent standards are achieved, we have implemented a QC system that covers all stages of our manufacturing and assembly process.

The effectiveness of these measures was proven when we received internationally-recognised ISO 9001:2008 certification on 5 July 2004 which was certified and registered by SGS UK. With our Licensed Manufacturing Warehouse (LMW) license, we are able to offer very competitive prices for both export and local orders with no or minimum local taxes respectively.

We are committed to provide a comprehensive friendly service and support to the customers and will continually working towards product quality improvement and cost-effective.

It is our belief and culture to work as a family member with our customers by providing total dedication and support for mutual benefits on a win-win strategy.
On-Going Expansion and Development

Through our strong engineering support, moulding machine capacity from 40T to 500T, committed management and skilled operational workforce, we strive to produce a high-quality product to the customers.

We are going to the direction of Green Technology as our strong support to protect the environment as well as to conserve natural resources. With the research and development efforts, we thrive to produce a various range of environment-friendly plastic products by innovative and creative design to the end user.

Phase by phase, we will implement more energy saving projects and products in our plant in conjunction with the green technology. SOLAR PANEL is the first step for us to move along with green technology.

With the installation of SOLAR PANEL in our building for energy saving, will utilize the natural resources for renewable energy. Less carbon emission will reduce the greenhouse gasses which damaging the environment.

Future, we will transform to The Fourth Industrial Revolution in respond to the rapid changes of world’s technology. 

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